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What are the beautiful and attractive places in Tanzania?
April 6, 2017|Travel & Tours

What are the beautiful and attractive places in Tanzania?

Tanzania offers the Africa’s best national parks, beaches and islands. Islands here are world’s famous and a fit place for snorkelers and scuba divers and if you want to experience the world’s best coral gardens, crystal clear water and colorful fish, then you must visit the islands present here. Here, some of the tourists destinations are given below.

attractive places in TanzaniaZanzibar beaches are found in the island of Zanzibar also known as Unguja which is considered as the best tourist destination. You will find here the soft white sand and clear water along with traditional boats which will take you on a ride to see the beauty of nature around. Here, the stone town is also present in the heart of Zanzibar which is consisted of Arabian town houses and busy port.

Secondly, let’s talk about the Lake Manyara National park. It is rich in grasslands, woodlands and forest having two third area of the park covered with water. The main features of this park are a large population of elephants and tree climbing lions which you can see at much closer distance than other parks. Here, mountain bike tours and bird watching are the famous activities.

Well, next place to discuss is Mafia island gives an opportunity to explore the world present undersea and protected by the Mafia island Marine Park. The best months for visiting Mafia island are May to October and for diving are October to March. Mafia island marine park has world’s famous coral gardens, a large variety of fish and it’s atmosphere is best for divers.

In addition to it, Selous is Africa’s largest game reserve which was established in 1922 and covers 5% area of Tanzania. The area of the Selous Game Reserve is consisted of a wide grassland, rivers and hills. You can enjoy here a wide range of games consisted of elephants, hippos, buffalo, lion and giraffe as well  350 species of birds. So, you must visit these places during your visit to Tanzania.

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