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What are the top rated tourist attractions in Jordan?
April 6, 2017|Travel & Tours

What are the top rated tourist attractions in Jordan?

tourist attractions in JordanWhile talking about Jordan, it is the major tourist destination in Middle East consisting of natural beauty, unique desert landscape and wonderful archaeological sites. Here, some of the tourist attractions are highlighted.

First of all we are going to talk about Jerash which is obviously a place of interest for history lovers. It is a place which is consisted of the ruins of the old Roman city of Gerasa. Actually, these ruins are the best preserved collection along-with green mountains and valleys making it worth seeing.

Furthermore, Wadi Rum is very fascinating red desert landscape consisted of rock formation. It is also known as the valley of moon due to presence of the natural wonders created by the weather conditions. Well, sunset is the scene which is the specialty of this place.

In addition to it, The Dead sea is very cool attraction for tourists because it is surrounded by historic Mount Nebo from which you will enjoy the scenes of beauty of nature which are enough to attract your attention.

Well, Aqaba is located in the south of the country which is a modern harbor city surrounded by the desert hills. It is also rich in history  due to presence of remaining parts of the oldest church in the world. Here, the main attraction is the warm water of The Red Sea having the sandy beaches and seas which are rich in marine life and colorful reefs. This is very fit place for the activities such as snorkeling, diving and water sports. So, the above mentioned places found in Jordan must be visited.

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